Weight loss, shmeight loss!

I’ve wanted to find our scale, that little bringer of woe and misery, since we moved. We finally found it today, several days ago by the time you read this actually (depression makes me slow and lethargic), and now I sort of wish we hadn’t. The other chubby vegan is doing swimmingly and is on her way to becoming the skinny vegan. I, on the other hand, am apparently determined to stand up for the chubby contingent come hell or high water. Which is frustrating. To say the least. So I asked the other chubby vegan why I’m not losing weight and she is. Now mind you, she works as an electrician on a naval base right now and it is a VERY physical job but I’m also doing more physical work since the move. See the walkway in the garlic whistle post for instance. BUT, as the other chubby vegan noted, lately I am also horking down:

1. Trader Joe’s vegan cookies… bistro cookies, druid circles, trail mix cookies, etc.

2. Honey-Roasted peanuts

3. Avocados

4. Homemade bread, with vegan butter

5. Beer

Now I realize that none of those things are necessarily bad on their own, but the problem is that I’m not having one of them a day. I’m having several, sometimes all of them. So here I am to prove that yes, it is possible to maintain or even gain weight while eating vegan and still staying away from a lot of processed food. I have also begun the troubling habit of snacking late at night when I get up. I usually don’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time and often wake up between midnight and 1:00 am and am up for an hour or two before going back to bed. This is a newish development for me. I never used to do this and I’m pretty angry at myself for succumbing to one of the few bad eating habits I never had before. I really feel like it’s always going to be 2 steps forward and 1 or 2 steps back every time. So I’ve asked the now skinny vegan to help me to get back to my former behaviors. No more snacking at night. Fruit for dessert, not cookies. The very occasional cookie to be doled out by Miss Skinny Pants and otherwise hidden by her. Nothing with more than a 10% fat content. No oil. No butter. No nuts except walnuts in recipes. No more avocados unless it’s burrito night. No more than one beer.

What does this mean? Well I guess I can feel all pissed off at myself and deprived or I can get out my Veganize This book and get back to what made this fun to begin with… good health, feeling good physically and the challenge of figuring out ways and recipes to make this fun and exciting. My first challenge is to make a really good, crustless, vegan, low fat fruit pie/dessert for those times when I want fruit for dessert but crave the comfort of something warm and handmade by my Nana like. Well, made by my Nana before she totally lost her sense of taste due to smoking Pall Mall’s and drinking 1000 degree cups of instant coffee. I swear it was like she could only drink her Taster’s Choice when it was at a temperature approaching the core of the sun. And by the that time she thought that water was just as good as butter and milk when making Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I liked to think of it as “Kraft Macaroni and Orange”. My goodness but I sure miss her! Nobody could laugh at themselves quite like she could. In fact I’ve been missing her even more since the move to this house. Nana would have liked it. And she would have been proud of me even with all my mistakes. I miss you Nana!