SpongeBob Fishpants

If you’re reading this you are no doubt well aware of who I am as I cannot imagine this being of any interest to the average person wandering by. But, in the odd event that you are, in fact, wandering by… well, suffice to say I am a student. Of many things. But mostly of all topics relating to streams, rivers, lakes, sundry puddles, toast and odd human behavior. With an occasional foray into weird and interesting food. I’m married, regardless of what congress or anyone thinks. I try to do the right thing when I can figure out what that is exactly. I’m allergic to politics and addicted to books. Mostly though, I have the coolest life. And a cat who I strongly suspect has snail breath as I am missing a fairly large golden apple snail and unless I’ve been sadly misinformed, those things don’t use the floo network…


2 thoughts on “SpongeBob Fishpants”

  1. I did find you just as I was wandering by… actually, I did a google search for vegan liverwurst and voila! You came up. I made this today, btw, and used pecans instead of walnuts and rosemary instead of marjoram, and salish instead of smoked pepper, just cuz that’s what I had and OMG is it ever good! being vegan is hard enough without bacon. At least now I can have “liverwurst”. I made bánh mì sandwiches with bbq tofu slices, pickled daikon & carrot, a few sprigs of cilantro and a long wedge of cucumber on french stick. Ridiculously good! Thank you!

    1. I’m really pleased that you liked it. I’ve been pondering making another batch lately. I have also substituted cashews and brazil nuts for the walnuts. Brazil nuts actually have the most “meaty” taste to them but aren’t always easy to find on their own. And yes, being vegan is very difficult for both of us on many days. I miss bacon and burgers and teriyaki chicken. But, ethically and nutritionally being vegan is simply the better choice.

      If you can locate a product we have here in Seattle called “Soy Curls” I would highly recommend them for banh mi sandwiches. The soak up whatever flavor you marinate them in and have a great texture. My non-vegan mother thought they actually were strips of meat. We used them for banh mi by marinating the soy curls in vegan beef broth and then slathering a mixture of veganaise and sriracha hot sauce on the baguette and adding fresh cilantro and cabbage and carrot marinated in lime juice before we pile on the soy curls. it is SO good you don’t miss the meat at all.

      Thank you for the feedback! And if you get the chance you should try the tuna made with garbanzo beans. I like it as much as regular tuna salad, maybe better!

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